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InMovement Standing Desk
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The InMovement Standing Desk, found online at InMovement.com, says that they are “reinventing” the way that people work in order to reduce the harmful effects of a sedentary work
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Vari.com is the online home of Varidesk, a company who says that they design high quality sit-to-stand desks to help people of all different kinds maintain their best health while still gett
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AdapDesk is a new product being crowdfunded on Kickstarter.com that calls itself “the world’s first portable work station” for being able to use laptops effectively and com
Flexispot Desk
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Flexispot Desk, found online at Flexispot.com, is a new company and product line which promises people a new and effective way to wax their hair in the comfort of their own home.  Ho
Eureka Ergonomic
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In 2017, Eureka Ergonomic was founded based on the simple principle of the human body being designed to move. These days, people spend more time sitting, especially at work, unable to move m
Fully.com Workplace Furniture
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By now, pretty much everybody is aware of the dangers of sitting too much. They call sitting the new smoking, in fact, because of how detrimental it can be to your cardiovascular and overall

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