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Heat Surge Fireplace
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The Heat Surge Fireplace is an “As Seen on TV” product which is an electric fireplace that also produces heat using Hybrid-Thermic technology, allowing you to save money on your
Handy Heater
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The Handy Heater is a compact personal space heater which says that it can provide people with warmth and comfort wherever it is in their home or office.  How Does It Work? Accord
Heat Hero
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Are you tired of spending all winter shivering through the days and nights? Rather than forcing yourself to suffer, you might consider a product like the Heat Hero. This dynamic product can
EcoHeat S
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Hyperstech is an online shop that sells quality products which ship all over the world. Among other technological products is EcoHeat S which is a product essential to any home during the co
Heat Buddy
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Heat Buddy is a portable heater that was created to reduce the cost and size of modern home heaters, as well as allow customers to choose the most comfortable temperature possible. It allows
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If you’re always chilly in your home or office, you may have asked yourself how you can increase your personal comfort - without forcing everyone else to sweat it out. Enter ZenHeat

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