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Google Plus
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Google Plus was aimed to replace facebook but it doesn't really offer cutting edge features. Don't misunderstand me I like Google Plus, but the design doesn't feel warm as oth
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About.me is a social networking platform with the purpose of helping people build their online presence in a way that is intended to be personalized but also open and available to the pub
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IMVU.com describes itself as “the world’s leading 3D social network” with more than 130 million registered users and the world’s largest user-generated catalog of vir
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This is a community that helps its members to develop business for all its members by providing great tools for promotion. It's really a great place to promote our business. In Apsense
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Yammer.com is a subsidiary of Microsoft Office that promises companies a private social network that will help their employees collaborate across departments, locations, and business applica
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Academia.edu is a social networking website created by and designed for academics, so that they can have a community which gives them the ability to stay current and plugged in to their f
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Skout.com is the online home of Skout, a mobile application which claims that meeting new people can be tough, but they have put in the necessary time and effort to find a way to utilize mob
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FreezeCrowd.com is the home of FreezeCrowd, a new social networking site that is organized around the concept of connecting friends and strangers according to the interests they express in t
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Fubar.com is a website that markets itself as an online bar and happy hour, which works as a virtual hybrid between an online dating site and a social networking site, where users can meet n
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PeerIndex.com is the home of PeerIndex, a marketing service available for use by businesses and individuals who are interested in understanding and utilizing the social media and online impa

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