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Defender Razor
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Defender Razor, found online at DefenderRazor.com, is a new razor which claims that they are the first completely redesigned razor available in more than 50 years and which offers “the
West Coast Shaving
Based on 4 Reviews

West Coast Shaving, found online at WestCoastShaving.com, is a company that says since they were established in 2007 they have enjoyed getting to know their customers and answering all their
Wet Shave Club
Based on 1 Review

The Wet Shave Club, found online at WetShaveClub.com, is a new monthly subscription service that promises their customers monthly deliveries of some of the highest quality wet shave products
Gillette Shave Club
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Gillette Shave Club, found online at GilletteShaveClub.com, says that they want to provide their customers with everything they need to always have a precise shave and the best shave experie
Lucky Tiger Shaving
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Lucky Tiger Shaving, found online at LuckyTigerShaving.com, has been a household name in the American shaving industry for nearly a century and is now offering their customers brand new prod
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The BodyGroom, found online at Phillips.com, is a new line of electric shaving products which promise their customers a “comfortable and convenient trim or shave, anywhere below the ne
OneBlade Razor
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OneBlade Razor, found online at OneBladeShave.com, is a new product which promises to be the world's best razor, and the last razor you'll ever need. How Does It Work? Accordin
Micro Touch ToughBlade Pro
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As Seen On TV is a successful and trusted advertiser and distributor of various products. The advertising is done through 30-minute long TV commercials. The other part of the business, the d
Finishing Touch Flawless Legs
Based on 2 Reviews

Everyone wants smooth legs for those hot Summer days when shorts are all the fashion. In Winter, we tend to be more laid back and let the hairs grow out a bit more than usual. However, once
Based on 10 Reviews

Manscaped is a men’s grooming company that focuses on below-the-belt grooming and hygiene. The company offers solutions that cover every part of keeping the area clean and groomed, inc

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