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Dollar Shave Club
Based on 10 Reviews

Dollar Shave Club is a monthly membership club which allows its users to choose their choice of shave equipment that will be shipped to them each month for a flat, affordable fee. This co
Harry's Razors
Based on 63 Reviews

Harry's Razors is a new monthly razor supply company that claims it was created for guys who don't want to overpay for a great shave, with products made out of respect for quali
Based on 1 Review

Dorco, found online at DorcoUSA.com, describes themselves as a leading distributor of technologically advanced and superior quality disposable shavers, shaving systems, and shaving accessori
Shave Mob
Based on 1 Review

Shave Mob is a new provider of premium shaving products that promises their customers can save up to 70% on their products versus similar premium razor blades you would buy at local stores.&
The Art of Shaving
Based on 4 Reviews

The Art of Shaving is a company dedicated to making luxury, high quality shaving products for men, everything ranging from razors to shave cream, accessories, and full shaving kits. 
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eShave, found online at eShave.com, is a company whose goal is to bring men back to the luxury shaving experience with their high quality shaving products, including razors, creams, oils, ac
Bevel Shaving System
Based on 6 Reviews

The Bevel Shaving System from Walker and Company describes itself as "the first and only" end-to-end shaving system for men with coarse and curly hair which is available in an auto
Based on 0 Reviews

StraightRazors.com is an online retailer that offers their customers a selection of top quality and affordable straight razors, as well as other shaving equipment, accessories, and informati
Micro Touch Grooming
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Micro Touch Grooming, found online at MicroTouchGrooming.com, is a company that promises their customers high quality hair grooming products for men, from personal trimmers to full service c
Sonic Groom
Based on 1 Review

Sonic Groom, found online at SonicGroom.com, describes their product as “the ultra sleek trimmer that combines sonic power with micro touch technology” to meet all your grooming

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