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Bob Proctor
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Bob Proctor is a very popular life coach, self help author, sales consultant, and professional speaker.  He has been in the industry for over 40 years and was one of the featured ins
Dr. Wayne Dyer
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Dr. Wayne Dyer is an author and speaker in the field of “self-development,” whose website, DrWayneDyer.com, says that his body of work has led his fans to call him the “
Millionaire Mind Intensive
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The Millionaire Mind Intensive, found at MillionaireMindEvents.com, is a seminar program hosted by well established “success training” guru, T. Harv Ecker which claims to help yo
Based on 4 Reviews

Happify.com is the online home of Happify, a new company that claims they can use scientifically backed principles and exercises to help people improve their outlook on life and to actually
Lewis Howes
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Lewis Howes is a motivational speaker and life coach who runs the website LewisHowes.com, a website that says it is dedicated to teaching people how to do what they love, full time. 
Clayton Morris
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ClaytonMorris.com is the online home and website for Clayton Morris, a frequent guest of the television show FOX & Friends, which tries to provide people with a path toward self-love and
Robin McGraw Revelation
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I received the whole line for Christmas last year and am totally disappointed in the quality. Terribly over rated and expensive. It all smells awful and have not seen any difference in my sk
High Performance Institute
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The High Performance Institute, found online at HighPerformanceInstitute.com, is a new promotional video and class from American motivational author Brenden Burchard, which promises to teach
Robbins Madanes Training
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Robbins Madanes Training, found online at RMTCenter.com, calls themselves the official Coach Training School of world famous self-help guru and motivational speaker Anthony Robbins. 
7 Cups of Tea
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7 Cups of Tea, found online at 7Cups.com, is described as an “on-demand” emotional health and well-being service which does not provide professional therapy, but does give people