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Zimride is a social rideshare community used to connect drivers and passengers who are traveling the same routes. They are solely a third party, they don’t provide transportation. Z
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Lyft is a mobile application which promotes and arranges something they refer to as “ride sharing,” and is ultimately intended to be a friendly and reliable alternative to tra
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Sidecar is a new mobile application available in select metropolitan areas which allows members to take advantage of “ride sharing,” and has a goal of not only providing safe
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Uber.com is a popular mobile app which allows people in various metropolitan areas across the US and eighteen other countries to request a wide variety of rides and pay for them from their p
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Wingz.me is the online home of a brand new local ride service called Wingz, which specifically is tailored to helping people arrange rides to the airport in advance for a flat, affordable fe
Breeze Car Rental
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Breeze Car Rental is a new company whose goal is to help people take advantage of the income stream made possible by today’s market for “on demand” services, including ride
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Turo.com is a company that allows car owners the option to earn extra money by renting their cars out to pre-screened and approved renters using their secure and fully insured service. Ho
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UberCommute is a new service being offered by the well-known ridesharing provider Uber, which attempts to create a place where commuters in busy cities can offer other commuters rides to wor
Hop Skip Drive
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Hop Skip Drive, found online at HopSkipDrive.com, is a company that wants to provide parents with a simpler, worry free way to get their children from here to there.  How Does It Wor
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MyTaxi.com is the online home of MyTaxi, a company and mobile application that wants to help people find and book a taxi wherever they may be in cities all around the world.  How Doe

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