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FatWallet is a website established by Tim Storm in 1999 that helps people find the best retail deals available, as well as coupon codes, money saving tips, and Cash Back program. FatW
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Points.com claims to have been active in helping people manage their multiple loyalty programs in one place for over 10 years, allowing them to not only keep tabs on their accounts but to
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Viggle is a downloadable app which promises to “make TV more rewarding” by giving people the ability to earn points which they can exchange into rewards just by watching their fa
Fuel Rewards
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I have used the Shell fuel Rewards program in Texas for years along with their credit card and have never been denied my discount but once.
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InstaGC, found online at InstaGC.com, is a new rewards website which gives their members the ability to perform tasks in exchange for points, which they can then redeem for cash or prizes
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Members of Plink.com are rewarded by dining and shopping at any of the 50,000 merchants participating in their program. It is free to join Plink and set up your account; from there you ca
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ZoomBucks is a rewards company located online at ZoomBucks.com, which says that their members can earn points from performing their regular, everyday online activities, which can then be
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CheckPoints.com is a new rewards program available as a mobile application which gives shoppers the ability to win prizes and earn rewards for doing the same type of shopping they would norm
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PointsHound.com is the online home of PointsHound, an online travel booking company which promises that they work to simplify the loyalty rewards earning experience for their members.
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EvReward.com is the online home of Ev’Reward, a company which describes itself as a directory of online shopping rewards and online shopping coupons for major retailers all over the co