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SwingShot.com is the online home of the SwingShot, a new golf video camera which has been specially designed to quickly and accurate record players while they are in action on the course so
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Tentrr.com is the online home of Tentrr, a company who says that they have redefined camping by providing people with the ability to camp on some of the country’s most beautiful pieces
Fidget Cube
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The Fidget Cube, found online at AntsyLabs.com, is a new product which promises to provide people with the positive benefits of being able to fidget while keeping them safe from criticism. &
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Betsafe, found online at Betsafe.com, says that since they were officially launched ten years ago, they have established themselves as one of the most reliable and trusted gaming companies a
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Peak.com is the online home of Peak Races, a series of extreme races which are hosted and held throughout the world for athletes who are interested in competing in some of the most demanding
Kingdom Death Monster
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The Kingdom Death Monster, found online at Kickstarter.com, is a “cooperative nightmare horror game experience” where people will hunt monsters and develop a settlement in a self
Alice's Table
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Alice’s Table, found online at AlicesTable.com, describes themselves as a company that works hard to provide women with a “one-of-a-kind” Girls’ Night Out experience
Mokuru Toy
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The MOKURU Toy is a new product being crowdfunded on Kickstarter.com that promises to be “the amazing desk toy which can be taken anywhere.” How Does It Work? According to

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