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LoopNet, found online at LoopNet.com, is a company that says their goal is to be the best place to start your search for commercial real estate properties which are available to buy or to re
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HouseValues.com is the online home of HouseValues, a company that says they can provide home owners who are considering selling their homes with a general idea about the value of their home.
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Nesterly.io is the online home of Nesterly, a company that says they are redefining the concept of home across generations by changing the way people see and use their homes.  
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In 2014, Opendoor was launched to reinvent a new, radically simpler way to buy and sell your home. The company recognizes that selling your house is one of the most important transactions in
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Offerpad was founded in 2015 by Brain Bair and Jerry Coleman. Bair and Coleman have had a lot of experience in buying and selling homes in the country since 2009. However, they realized that
Bungalow Living
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Finding housing can be frustrating. Finding affordable housing, in the exact location you want to live, and making new friends? That’s nearly impossible. Bungalow is a service that is
Furnished Finder
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If you’re a travel nurse, it can be tough to find reliable housing or even short term rentals for apartments. Often, you’ll be forced to stay in an expensive motel or to sign a l

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