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Truepad.com is the online home of Truepad, a new real estate company that says their goal is to provide people in the Chicagoland area with the “next generation real estate search.&rdq
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Student.com is a new website that is designed entirely to help find students and their parents find rental spaces for students to live where they will be close to the university where they a
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HomeLight.com is the online home of HomeLight, a company which says that their goal is to help home buyers and sellers get the high quality information they require to find the right real es
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Apartments.com is a website that helps people in the United States and in some international communities find available apartments, townhouses, and condos to rent.  How Does It Work?
Roam Coliving
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Roam.co is the online home of Roam Coliving, a company that says they want to provide people with “a new way of living” by providing people with coliving and coworking spaces aro
TransUnion SmartMove
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TransUnion SmartMove, found online at MySmartMove.com, is a new service from credit reporting agency TransUnion which promises to give landlords the information they need to pick the right t
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OpenListings.com is the online home of Open Listings, a company which describes themselves as “the smartest way to buy a home” with zero pressure and with better technology. H
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ApartmentList.com is the online home of ApartmentList, a website and mobile application which says that their goal is to help make your apartment search as convenient as possible.  H
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Rentulations, found online at Rentulations.com, is a new type of software made for landlords who want to easily manage their apartments, both rented and unrented. How Does It Work? Acc
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Roofstock.com is the online home of Roofstock, a company that says their goal is help people build their financial future by buying rental properties with as little as $20,000 down and no ha

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