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Hubzu.com is a new real estate listing website which specializes in bringing “buyers and sellers together in a transparent marketplace” that focuses on homes for auction, short s
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Xome.com is the online home of Xome Real Estate, a new website real estate brokerage which promises guide home buyers and sellers through the entire process, giving them “a radically b
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Zumper.com is a website who says that their goal is not only help people use technology to find places that are available for rent, but to also give them an edge over other renters during th
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Showcase.com describes themselves as a search engine especially designed for business professionals and investors who are in the process of finding a commercial property to lease or to purch
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RentToOwn.org is a website that gives people access to home listings in their area which are available for a rent to own agreement, meaning that you can initially rent the home you will even
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Rent.com is a website that promises to give people access to listings of apartments for rent in your area, as well as lists of apartments that have been specially vetted for Rent.com visitor
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Breather.com is the online home of Breather, a company and a mobile application that offers people a way to earn extra income with their unused space, all while providing people with a quiet
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LiveLovely.com is a website and mobile application that promises to be “the simplest way to land your rental” for both people looking to rent as well as landlords and property ma
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Nestio.com is the online home of Nestio, a company that promises to give renters, landlords, and rental estate agents everything they need to simplify the real estate process. How Does It
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Cozy.co describes themselves as a website that provides people with a better way to rent, both for landlords and property managers and also for renters, through every step of the renting pro

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