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YourRent2Own.com is a website which promises to match prospective buyers with properties that are for sale by owners who are open to a rent to own arrangement. A rent to own arrangeme
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Zillow.com says their mission is to empower customers to make smart decisions about homes, real estate, and mortgages using the wide array of information and tools they make available to
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Yes, I too fell for this scam. Propertyrecord.com somehow got listed above the county assessor's site I was actually looking for. I went ahead and tried to locate the info on a property
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Zbuyer.com, part of Asset Marketing Consultants, Inc., markets their services to real estate agents, brokers, sellers, buyers and investors. This real estate resource was created to simpl
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Ultra Foreclosures, found online at UltraForeclosures.com, describes themselves as “the most focused provider of foreclosure property listings and foreclosure information in the countr
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Redfin.com is an online real estate brokerage that has recreated the standard of customer service within the real estate industry. Redfin’s Agents receive a salary and a bonus based
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Trulia.com is considered one of the largest online residential real estate websites for home buyers, sellers, renters and real estate professionals to use for a variety of purposes. There
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I normally don't do reviews as I think some company's get caught up on a bad day and don't represent their true worth and capacities. I am an investor and have used another b
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Auction.com describes themselves as "the nation's leading online real estate marketplace" whose goal is to bring together both sellers and buyers in safe, easy, and transparent
800 Buy Kwik
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800BuyKwik.com is a company that promises they will buy your home from you regardless of what condition it is in, your reason for selling it, or the residential location it is in.