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YouBeauty.com is a lifestyle website created by well known doctors Mehmet Oz and Michael Roizen, who founded the website in 2011 to help people realize their full potential for beauty, bo
Modern Qigong
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Modern QiGong is a website from Lee Holden, a master QiGong teacher who has a popular and well known show on the television network PBS where he shares his QiGong teachings with at home v
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Herbalife.com is a well known global nutrition company that says it has helped people establish and maintain a healthy, active life since they were created in 1980, as well as providing a
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SunWarrior.com is the online home of SunWarrior, a health and wellness company which believes in the health benefits of a plant based diet and offers a wide variety of raw, vegan protein
Garden of Life
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GardenOfLife.com is the online home of Garden of Life, a health and wellness company that believes extraordinary health is a goal worth pursuing for you and your family, and you can use t
Toxic Belly Bug Fix
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The Toxic Belly Bug Fix, found online at ToxicBellyBugFix.com, is a promotional video that is advocating the purchase and use of Pro-X10, a new probiotic supplement which promises to improve
Phiten USA
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PhitenUSA.com is the online home of Phiten USA, the domestic branch of a Japan based institution which designs and develops products which they say allow people to be their best selves, and
Athenix Body Sculpting Institute describes themselves as specialists in body contouring whose primary goal is to help you get outstanding results and the best possible treatment experience f
Brain Abundance
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BrainAbundance.com is the online home of Brain Abundance, the company who makes Brain Fuel PLUS, which describes itself as the first and only product available anywhere to maximize brain per
Smoke Away
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Smoke Away, found online at SmokeAway.com, is a product which claims that they have helped millions of people quit smoking over the ten year span that their product has been offered. Smok

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