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The Hurrycane
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The Hurrycane is described as an “all terrain cane” which was designed and built to imitate the human body in a way that makes it stronger and more supportive to those who nee
Forever Comfy
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Forever Comfy is a combination cushion not available in traditional stores that claims to be helpful and soothing to people who must sit for long periods of time due to work or health cir
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Using a Q-tip to clean the inside of your ear can potentially cause irreversible damage to your eardrum and may even cause hearing loss. Q-tips were not designed to be inserted into the e
Super Beta Prostate
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Super Beta Prostate, found online at www.SuperBeta.com, claims to be a safe, effective, all natural nutritional supplement that helps men over 40 maintain and support their important prostat
Joy Bauer Food Cures
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JoyBauer.com is the online home of The Today Show’s frequently appearing Registered Dietician and Nutritionist Joy Bauer, as well as her Food Cures, Weight Loss Plans, and other nut
Brain Health Kit
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The Brain Health & Memory Kit, offered by Barton Publishing, is a series of books that claim to tell you how you can use simple and natural remedies to prevent a disease called Alzhei
5 Tips to Lose Stomach Fat
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The free presentation on the 5 Tips to Lose Stomach Fat, by Caleb Lee and found online at 5TipsToLoseStomachFat.com, covers what Lee calls the “forbidden commandments” of losi
Lifestyle Lift
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As people age the skin’s natural elasticity decreases and leads to the formation of deep wrinkles and droopy skin. The loss of elasticity is more so exacerbated by harmful UV rays,
Brain Protection Kit
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The Brain Protection Kit is a series of reports issued by Dr. Russell Blaylock through online publisher Newsmax that promises to help you find effective and natural ways to prevent degene
Natural Wellbeing
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Natural Wellbeing, found online at NaturalWellbeing.com, is a website store which sells natural products, such as supplements and vitamins, which are intended to help a wide range of heal

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