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Bios Urn
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Bios Urn, found online at UrnaBios.com, is a company who says their goal is to help people with a smart, sustainable, and ecologically friendly way to handle one of life’s most importa
The Diabetes Lie
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The Big Diabetes Lie is a new book being distributed by The International Council for Truth in Medicine, or TheICTM.org, which promises to teach people with diabetes how to manage or even el
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1800GetLens.com is a website that describes themselves as “a leading online supplier of prescription contact lenses,” giving people access to their brand name lenses all at affor
Diabetes Destroyer
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The Diabetes Destroyer, found online at DiabetesDestroyer.com, is a new health and wellness program from David Andrews who claims that he can give people a simple three step system for curin
Zen Jewelz
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ZenJewelz.com is the online home of Zen Jewelz, a jewelry store that describes themselves as the authority in gemstone jewelry creating and designing healing jewelry for more than ten years.
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Neuro-HD, found online at NeuroHD.com, is a health and supplement which promises people to provide them with all the nutritional elements they need to improve their mental focus, cognition,
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The DefendMe Personal Alarm, found online at Resqme.com, is a new product whose goal is to give their customers access to a high quality, non-weaponized self defense product that they can ta
Tinnitus Knockout
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Tinnitus Knockout, found online at TinnitusKnockout.com, is a downloadable eBook which claims to teach people an at home technique that will help them reduce and possibly eliminate their tin
Vascular Failure Protocol
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Vascular Failure Protocol, found online at VascularFailure.com, is a downloadable eBook which claims to teach people all natural, at home remedies the four major causes of vascular failure.&
Dollar Beard Club
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The Dollar Beard Club, found online at DollarBeardClub.com, is a company and websites that promise their customers “epic beard products delivered to your door every month.”  

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