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Vitaglo is a website which sells discounted natural foods and products. The website states that it is based in central New York and has been the leader in vitamins, supplements, herbs and
Simple Heart Test
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The Simple Heart Test, at www.SimpleHeartTest.com, was created by Dr. Crandall and NewsMax Health to help anyone assess their heart health in a free, easy way online. According to a S
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BioTrust is a company that specializes in manufacturing health supplements. These products are all believed to improve areas of your physical and mental functioning and to boost your overall
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With the continuous stressors that accompany everyday life, it can be hard not to let things get you down. Even though you may have good days and bad days, sometimes the bad days are far
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Cenegenics is a hormone therapy that promotes age management medicine to control the natural progression of age and enhance one’s quality of life. Hormones, in both men and women, decl
Diabetes Reversed
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DiabetesReversed.com provides its viewers with a presentation regarding Joe Barton’s Reverse Diabetes Solution Kit, which claims that people who use their system can reverse or even cu
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Lens.com is a company established in 1995 that allows anyone with a verifiable contact lens prescription order their brand name lenses directly from the Lens.com warehouse at a discounted
The Hurrycane
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The Hurrycane is described as an “all terrain cane” which was designed and built to imitate the human body in a way that makes it stronger and more supportive to those who need a
Natural Wellbeing
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Natural Wellbeing, found online at NaturalWellbeing.com, is a website store which sells natural products, such as supplements and vitamins, which are intended to help a wide range of heal
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ZocDoc, found online at ZocDoc.com, is a website which allows its customers to not only find doctors and dentists in their living area who accept their insurance but also to schedule appo