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I've been a smoker for years and I smoke atleast a pack a day.. and it's hard to stop when no one else is helping. I was searching for a community that is dedicated to stop smoking
Dukan Diet
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The Dukan Diet, found online at DukanDiet.com, is a popular diet which claims that they can help their users lose up to ten pounds in ten days, and make and maintain their goal weight withou
My Snoring Solution
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MySnoringSolution.com claims to offer an effective anti-snoring solution. The device is a lightweight, flexible material chin strap that was made to hold the jaw forward causing airways t
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Vitaglo is a website which sells discounted natural foods and products. The website states that it is based in central New York and has been the leader in vitamins, supplements, herbs and
Dr. Crandall is a virtual cardiologist who educates people on how to prevent and reverse heart disease through his products.  He offers five free gifts as part of the Heart Disease P
Simple Heart Test
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The Simple Heart Test, at www.SimpleHeartTest.com, was created by Dr. Crandall and NewsMax Health to help anyone assess their heart health in a free, easy way online. According to a S
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The RealAge test, at www.RealAge.com, is a calculation of your body’s health age created by well known doctors like Dr. Mike Roizen and Dr. Mehmet Oz. Dr. Roizen is the chief we
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Ever increasingly the importance of health and leading healthy lives has become a mainstream topic in today’s society. Everyone has different views, beliefs and adhere to different
Premier Care Bathing
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Premier Care Bathing, at PremierCareBathing.com, specializes in the design and customized installation of walk-in baths and easy access showers for the elderly or disabled. According
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LifeScript.com is a comprehensive source of information on women’s health topics. The site was created for women seeking information pertaining to physical health and mental health.

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