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Easel Laptop Stand
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The Easel Laptop Stand is a new, soon to be available product currently being financed in a Kickstarter campaign that promises to be "your laptop's best friend," relieving both
Lap Top Easel by Tip Pedic
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The Lap Easel holds all my heavy books for me leaving me hands free to use my I Phone. The large pockets perfectly hold all my notes and reading glasses. Works well for holding all our Lap T
Avira Free Antivirus
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Avira Free Antivirus, found online at Avira.com, is a free antivirus program being offered to users of personal and home computers that want effective security with a small price tag. How
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CodeGuard, found online at CodeGuard.com, is a new backup and security service provided for websites who are looking for an effective and simple way to protect themselves.  How Does
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VaultPress, found online at VaultPress.com, is a company that promises WordPress website and blog creators and owners automated backups, daily security scans, and help from WordPress experts
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FixMeStick.com is the online home of the FixMeStick, a new product which promises to help you remove all viruses and malware from your personal computer that virus software cannot. 
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SecureDataRecovery.com is the online home of Secure Data Recovery Services, a company that says they provide both remote and in house data recovery and hard drive repair at their more than 4
Reimage Repair
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Reimage Repair, found online at ReimagePlus.com, is a new type of optimization software available for use on home computers which promises to “revive the life your PC and restore peak
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Xtra-PC, found online at Xtra-PC.com, is a new product that promises it can bring an old laptop or computer “back to life,” saving customers from having to buy a brand new one wh
The Scanguard System
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The Scanguard System, found online at TheScanguardSystem.com, is a new type of personal computer security software and optimization software available for use on home computers. How Does

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