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Apple Inc.
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Although I should know better, I'm constantly surprised by folks who just don't get that its not all about specs, gigahertz, and megapixels. Is some other device's processor 4
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Telekin is a computer with a touch screen monitor developed for consumers who are intimidated by computer technology. The touch screen monitor makes this computer easy, convenient and fun
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Sanebox, located online at Sanebox.com, claims that they can help the average person “stop drowning in email” by offering them a service which filters their email for them so
Rabbit TV
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Rabbit TV is USB stick which, according to their website, promises to provide its users with free access to internet television, including over 5,000 television stations and 9,000 radio stat
Net Nanny
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Net Nanny, found online at NetNanny.com, describes themselves as the number one rated parental control software that protects your family from pornography, online predators, cyberbullying, a
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GeekBuddy.com is a company who says their goal is to provide computer users with expert, friendly support twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, for all of your common PC problems. 
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Prilock, found online at Prilock.com, is a company that says their goal is to show you the "tips, tricks, and free programs" used by technology professionals to protect their own m
PC Secure
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PC Secure, found online at PCSecure.us, is a company that offers to help PC owners not only with standard problems with speed and performance but also with access to remote support technicia
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Dashlane.com is a new company that claims they are "the world's best password manager and secure digital wallet" and that their goal is to streamline, simplify, and secure your
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The iGuardian is a new network security feature available from Itus Network, who says they are the only company currently designing software to secure your home network, and all devices with

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