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TransferWise, found online at TransferWise.com, says that they are “the clever new way to beat bank fees,” allowing their users to participate in a peer-to-peer money transfer se
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Verlocal, found online at Verlocal.com, is a website and company that encourages people to “experience the most amazing local adventures in your city” through their personally ho
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BonAppetour, found online at BonAppetour.com, is a new company whose goal is to create a marketplace where travelers can connect with local cooks and hosts to have a wonderful local dining e
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Roost.com is a website and company who says that people should not let their free space go to waste, instead using it as a way to make passive income and build up their community relationshi
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Peerform.com is a new website that offers people the chance to apply for and receive a loan in a peer-to-peer format, which provides people with a better chance of receiving the funds they n
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Zilok.com is the online home of Zilok, a company that describes themselves as an online marketplace that allows people to find many different kinds of items they are interested in renting fr
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CurrencyFair, found online at CurrencyFair.com, is a financial website that offers their customers a peer-to-peer marketplace where they can perform foreign currency exchanges at significant
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Beepi.com is the online home of Beepi, a new website that has created a peer-to-peer marketplace just for people who are looking for a trustworthy and convenient way to buy and sell cars. &n
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GoMoonlighting.com is the online home of Moonlighting, a website who says their goal is to provide people with a free marketplace where those looking to work can easily connect with those lo
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PiggyBee.com is the online home of PiggyBee, a new crowdsourcing website established in 2012 who says their entire goal is to work as a “crowdsourcing delivery pioneer” with thei

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