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An absolute scam! I'm in the USA and was seeking some freelance design work. I put a project out there, and paid the fees for a recruiter and NDA. My credit card company sees the sit
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Gigwalk is notorious for refusing to pay people. There are hundreds of stories all over the web of people who submitted their gig's and had them rejected. Myself included. I did a gi
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TasksEveryday.com is the online home of Tasks Everyday, a company that promises to give people and businesses access to the affordable and professional overseas outsourced Virtual Assistants
Worldwide 101
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Worldwide 101, found online at Worldwide101.com, is a company that promises businesses and individuals access to “high performance business class assistants” trained in North Ame
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Your commute to and from work can drain you of time, energy, and money. As commute times in the U.S continue to grow longer, the demand for work from home opportunities has risen as well.