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On February 4, 2020 I contracted with Freelance.com and they added a service transaction fee, then they added a foreign transaction fee. They billed me for a milestone and refused to release
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If you ask, you shall receive. Zaarly is a marketplace where anyone can ask for anything, the possibilities are endless. There are people looking for different services, individuals askin
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Whatever the circumstance may be, companies can find the help they need right from a phone or computer. Gigwalk allows its members to request gigs for small tasks to contracted work. Thes
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Sykes.com is the online home of Sykes, a company who has been in business for over twenty years accomplishing their mission of making companies more efficient and profitable while improvi
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TasksEveryday.com is the online home of Tasks Everyday, a company that promises to give people and businesses access to the affordable and professional overseas outsourced Virtual Assistants
Great Virtual Works
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Great Virtual Works, found online at GreatVirtualWorks.com, is a company that says they provide customer service solutions to companies who are looking for an affordable but effective way of
Worldwide 101
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Worldwide 101, found online at Worldwide101.com, is a company that promises businesses and individuals access to “high performance business class assistants” trained in North Ame