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TimeTrade, found online at TimeTrade.com, is a company that calls themselves the industry leader in “appointment-driven personalization,” helping them provide the best service to
Acuity Scheduling
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Acuity Scheduling, found online at AcuityScheduling.com, is a company that says they make scheduling dead simple so that you never have to worry about embarrassing scheduling mix-ups again.&
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Calendly, found online at Calendly.com, is a company that says they want to help their businesses schedule meetings without having to go through the traditional back-and-forth customer email
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Dapulse, found online at Dapulse.com, is a new software program that says their mission is to help teams “build a culture of transparency, empowering everyone to achieve more and be ha
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Shoptagr, found online at Shoptagr.com, is a new website and mobile application that describes themselves as “your smart shopping assistant” who makes sure that you will never mi
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Finery.com is the online home of the Finery Wardrobe App, a new service available from Brooklyn Decker and Whitney Casey which promises people the ability to virtually manage their entire wa

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