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Slack.com describes themselves as providing “team communication for the 21st century,” providing companies with a private social networking system that provides an easy way for e
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HipChat, found online at HipChat.com, describes their service as “team chat that is actually built for business” by providing companies with a private social networking system.
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Pebblebee, found online at Pebblebee.com, is a new Bluetooth tracking device which promises people the easiest and most effective way to track whatever items they are afraid to lose. How
Spark Planner
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The Spark Planner is a new product that describes itself as a “proven goal-setting, planning, and productivity system” for anyone that wants an effective way to meet their goals
Minaal Bag Ecosystem
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The Minaal Bag Ecosystem is a new product that promises to provide travelers with a travel bag that meets all their needs and solves the problems that are traditionally associated with trave
Bevy Smartphone System
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Bevy Smartphone System, found online at Bevy.us, is a new electronic that promises families a convenient way to keep all their photos organized in a single place so they are always accessibl
Curbside App
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The Curbside App is a new mobile application that allows people in certain metropolitan areas to order items from popular nearby retailers and arrange to drop by the retailer and have all th
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Airtable, found online at Airtable.com, is a company that says they have given people access to “the spreadsheet reimagined” which gives you the chance to organize anything you w
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SockTabs, found online at SockTabs.com, is a new product that promises their customers a simple solution that will allow them to finally stop losing the match to their socks in the washer an
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Wistiki is the newest available Bluetooth and GPS enabled tracking device designed to help you keep track of any pet or product that is important to you and which you might lose track of.

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