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Lucidchart, found online at Lucidchart.net, is a company who says that they have worked to support all of your communication needs, from the ability to sketch and share professional diagrams
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Storyform, found online at Storyform.co, is a new company that says they can give anyone the ability to create beautiful stories on their website using their wide variety of templates and fe
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WeTravel.to is the online home of WeTravel, a company that says their goal is to make the responsibilities of managing and organizing traveling tours and trips easier than ever, and all for
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Scanmarker, found online at Scanmarker.com, is a new product that describes itself as “the incredible digital highlighter” and is a handheld scanner designed to help you with all
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MakeSpace.com is the online home of MakeSpace, a new storage company that promises people an easy, convenient way of storing your items which will include pick up and drop off.   How
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TripIt.com is a company that provides their customers with a mobile application designed to help you with all your travel itinerary and document needs, especially while they are on the go. &
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Roost.com is a website and company who says that people should not let their free space go to waste, instead using it as a way to make passive income and build up their community relationshi
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Schedulehead, found online at Schedulehead.com, is a new online and mobile employee scheduling program that describes themselves as “the app that schedules your staff so you don't
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iDoneThis, found online at iDoneThis.com, is a company that promises businesses a simple and easy way to follow their employees’ and colleagues’ progress on work projects just by
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SharePoint is a subsidiary of Microsoft Office that promises companies a way to easily set up an intra-office website to use for sharing, organizing, storing, and accessing information. H

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