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Attending college is expensive enough without the additional materials that each course requires. While most classes require one book, some require more. At the high end of the spectrum,
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Chegg.com is the online home of Chegg, a company that says their goal is to meet the needs of today's students, including everything from textbook rentals to help with homework and even
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CheapestTextbooks.com is a website that helps college students, and customers of all ages, find textbooks and books of all kinds at the cheapest possible prices from retailers all over the w
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Alibris.com describes themselves as “a vibrant marketplace” which focuses its energy on the three fastest growing areas of worldwide media, which are listed as online sales, text
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CampusBookRentals.com is a website established in 2007 with the goal of helping college kids save money by providing them with the very college textbooks that they need for rental at a fract
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KnetBooks.com is a website established in 2009 with the goal of helping college kids rent their extremely expensive textbooks at fraction of the price so that they can save money while still
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RedShelf, found online at RedShelf.com, is taking a new approach to academic reading and learning, creating a service which offers textbooks and other academic materials in digital rather th
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Bookbyte.com that says they have been helping students both rent and buy their important but expensive college textbooks at affordable prices since they were established in 1999.   H