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Ordered glasses three months ago till this day have not received the glasses, awaiting refund!
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The first product I bought from ChinaVasion was the VGA to RCA + S-Video Converter Box and it was perfect, very simple and easy to use plus I got a free universal travel adapter. Shipping wa
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I sent for Cartier Parfume and just received it. It is as beautiful as what I sampled at Nordstrom's. But way less. It last a long time and I would order from this co. Again! Soon.
Amazon Marketplace
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Everything is great about Amazon. Excellent service. Keep it up guys!
Defibrillator Outlet
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I started out looking for a defibrillator a couple months ago when someone I was very close to started having heart problems. I have yet to buy an in home system (simply because they do not
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This is a great site if you are looking to buy anything related to technology. This includes anything from an HDMI cable to an iPod screen cover. Their prices are extremely low, and I have n
B & H Photo and Video
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I ordered solar eclipse glasses and they shipped me an empty container. Their customer support is not responding to any of my calls or emails.
Pet Discounters
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This company has a website and on that website is an item that I want. I am able to load my shopping cart with said item, and calculate shipping. When I try to check out, there is an error m
Success Etc.
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Success Etc, at SuccessEtc.com, is a website dedicated to giving its members the best discounted prices on personal development and money making products.  They claim they give disco
Digital Hunter
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Digital Hunter is an online electronics store that specializes in digital SLR cameras, camcorders, lenses, and accessories from several different brands, including Canon, Nikon, and Sony.

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