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Ordered glasses three months ago till this day have not received the glasses, awaiting refund!
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The first product I bought from ChinaVasion was the VGA to RCA + S-Video Converter Box and it was perfect, very simple and easy to use plus I got a free universal travel adapter. Shipping wa
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I bought a fragance and after close to a week, there was not shipping information, I reached out to them via email only for them to tell me the fragance was damaged and there was none in sto
Amazon Marketplace
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I buy on Amazon and sell on Amazon! Quality and customer-oriented service. You definitely can find everything you need there!
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This is a great site if you are looking to buy anything related to technology. This includes anything from an HDMI cable to an iPod screen cover. Their prices are extremely low, and I have n
B & H Photo and Video
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I have never had a problem with B
Pet Discounters
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This company has a website and on that website is an item that I want. I am able to load my shopping cart with said item, and calculate shipping. When I try to check out, there is an error m
The Digital Hunter
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Luckily, I posted their "Too good to be true" prices with EXTRA3 "Discount" on the Canon forum and they linked me right back to this review site. Luckily, I didn't
Publisher's Clearing House
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The Publisher's Clearing House is a well known direct mailing company which offers its customers discounted magazine subscriptions, as well as a wide array of various merchandise.
Direct Buy
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DirectBuy is familiar to many people from their television commercials. They claim to have over 1 million products from 700 different brand names with zero hidden retail markups. Dire

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