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Legacy Writer, at www.LegacyWriter.com, is an online company that gives everyday people the ability to create accurate, affordable legal documents at minimum prices. The legitimate go
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RecordGone.com is the online home of the record expungement and criminal record removal services of the law office Higbee & Associates, who claim to deliver high quality services for
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LegalZoom provides the necessary legal needs for both small businesses and individuals. This site is an efficient route to access a wealth of information on a broad range of legal topics. Th
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I've been burned so I am not surprised there is new protection in dealing with businesses, the government, and others. HaveProof.com offers free certified email and mail, allowing you t
Attorney Search Network
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The Attorney Search Network at GetAReferral.com is an official Lawyer Referral Service for the state of California and their job is to refer potential clients to licensed, insured attorneys.
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LLC.com is a website that says they lead the industry in incorporation and LLC formation and promises to help people and small businesses form an LLC or incorporate today to both protect you
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MyCorporation is a company which describes themselves as a "leading provider" of online document filing services for companies who would like to form a corporation or a limited lia
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BizFilings is a company that promises to help businesses of all sizes with their online legal document filings, including all the work necessary for incorporating and creating limited liabil
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ILawsuit.com describes itself as "the Nation's leading matching service" for people who have been injured and their families who are seeking representation from well-respected
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RocketLawyer, found online at RocketLawyer.com, is a company that says their goal is to help individuals and small businesses be able to take control of the protection afforded to them by le

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