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Handcrafted Business Films
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Handcrafted Business Films, found online at HandcraftedBusinessFilms.com, is a company that says their goal is to teach people of all levels, how to improve their videographer and business s
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Craftsy.com is a website that says their goal is to "bring creativity to life," giving people the ability to learn new and advanced crafting skills your way, whenever and however y
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OneMonth.com is a new company that offers online educational courses for learning "anything" in just one month's time with online videos, tools, and any other resources require
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GalvanizeU, found online at GalvanizeU.com, is an educational program that promises to provide people with all the education and training needed to be a data scientist, an emerging new in de
The National Academy of Sports Medicine, or NASM, says that their Personal Trainer certifications have been the standard in certification, solutions, and tools in the fitness and sports medi
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CreativeLive.com is a new website and organization which says that their goal is to provide people with access to creative classes from the world’s top experts in a wide variety of top
Online Quran Teacher
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Canvas Network
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The Canvas Network, found online at Canvas.net, is a new educational platform which offers anyone the ability to have access to a wide range of free online courses focused on a variety of to
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Iversity.com is a new educational platform out of Europe which partners with local university to offer anyone the ability to choose from a wide range of free online courses focused on a vari
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Learnable.com is a new online educational platform created for people who work in the information technology industry and who are hoping to expand their skillset in a variety of different ar

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