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PerfectMatch.com is an online dating website who says that they use an academically researched personality tool unrivaled by any other dating site to help you find compatible matches.
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IWantU.com is a new type of online dating site which describes themselves as an online “adult introduction” website for men, women, and even couples seeking casual sexual encount
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Be2.com is an online dating site which uses the convenience and accessibility of the internet combined with scientific analysis to help single people find the matches which are best suite
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ProfessionalSinglesOver40.com is a type of online dating website which describes itself as the #1 place for successful singles to meet, since they are website with higher standards and gr
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FindSinglesOnly.com is a website which says that it is for people who are entering the world of online dating for the very first time, and maybe don’t know what to look for or what
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Fitness-Singles.com says they are the largest online dating community for sports and fitness enthusiasts who believe in the importance of fitness to compatibility and are looking for a wi
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Flirts n Friends is a free online community of amazing flirts and wonderful friends that comprises all of the above and more! The forum – open to anyone over the age of 18 – offers a dra
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ThreeDayRule.com is a premium matchmaking website differentiating itself with exclusivity and restricted membership. Eligible individuals must either be referred by another member or have
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This is the worst, most unethical dating site on the internet. I got scammed by one of their members and reported her to FDating. Their response? Nothing. Failed to respond. So I reported h
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MarriedHallPass.com is a new type of online dating site where married people can find other married or single people who are also interested in “no strings attached” dates in the

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