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Westwood College
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Westwood College, located online at www.Westwood.edu, is an educational institution founded in Denver, Colorado in 1953 that places focus on career oriented education and meeting the need
Deciding what field to study in school and pursue a career in can be difficult because our interests change as we get older. Taking a free career assessment on the Empowered UCLA Extensio
South University Online
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Going to college is a big step for anyone considering furthering their education. Not only is it a big time commitment but it is also expensive. South University has designed their progra
Remington College
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Remington College, found online at www.RemingtonCollege.edu, promises to give their students educational programs that focus on career specific training and technical skills, either on ca
Concordia Online University
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Concordia Online University, a Christian university, has programs designed for teachers and those who wish to pursue a degree in teaching. This online school offers two Bachelor of Scienc
Heald College
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Heald College is an educational institution that founded their first campus 145 years ago in San Francisco, and has since expanded to twelve different locations in three states, all dedic
Drexel University Online
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Drexel University Online says they offer over one hundred online degrees and certificate programs for adults, and are a private university that is “universally recognized” as
American Public University
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American Public University says they are one of the leaders in distance education, providing more than 1500 courses and more than 70 undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Distan
University of Phoenix
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University of Phoenix is one of the most well known providers of distance education with more than 100 locations and online programs available for undergraduate and graduate degrees world
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DegreeAmerica.com is a website which promises to help potential students find the “perfect degree,” whether from an online or campus institution, so you can get ahead in life.

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