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JustCloud, at www.JustCloud.com, is a new downloadable program that allows users to backup their files and stores them all online so they can be accessed from anywhere. JustCloud allo
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Computer problems can be devastating especially if your personal files or work files are lost, destroyed or deleted.  We have been increasingly led to rely on the information stored
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Computer problems are inevitable and can occur when you least expect it. Because we heavily rely on the files in our computer, whether business or personal, it is important that they are
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MiMedia backup solution allows you access your computer files from anywhere. This software syncs with Cloud and is where your data backup is transferred to. Installing the program and
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Zip Cloud, found online at ZipCloud.com, is a downloadable service which promises anyone the ability to utilize cloud storage technology that will provide people with the newest way to store
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Total piece of digital doodoo. Does absolutely nothing but take up space and much needed resources from the computer. Don't trust the "Microsoft Partner" label. It's me
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Livedrive, found online at Livedrive.com, was established in 2009 with the goal of creating cloud storage technology that will “revolutionize” the way people store and access
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YouSendIt, found online at YouSendIt.com, is an online service which provides its customers with the ability to send, sync, and store unlimited files of extremely large sizes, using a sec
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Dropbox, found online at Dropbox.com, is a company which promises to provide a secure file storage and sharing system which can be adapted to your specific needs, whether for personal or
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They canceled my subscription and told me I had to purchase a new business contract. Without even giving a discount for all the money I had already paid for the current Lifetime subscription