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TopHatter.com is a virtual auction house where both sellers and buyers can come online to meet up, interact, chat, and transact business in a wide variety of categories using a live auction
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Proxibid.com says that they are an online marketplace that is part auction and part retail store, and whose goal is to allow their customers to shop "what they want, how they want, and
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Auction.com describes themselves as "the nation's leading online real estate marketplace" whose goal is to bring together both sellers and buyers in safe, easy, and transparent
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Hubzu.com is a new real estate listing website which specializes in bringing “buyers and sellers together in a transparent marketplace” that focuses on homes for auction, short s
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eBid.net is a new website that promises people a platform in which to sell goods and products in an auction format to people who are looking for unique or quality goods at an excellent price
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Charitybuzz.com is the online home of Charitybuzz, a website that describes themselves as “the place to find extraordinary experiences and luxuries to benefit remarkable charities maki

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