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SliceThePie, found online at SliceThePie.com, is a company which says they began in 2007 with a focus on helping unsigned musical artists as well as helping music fans discover new music.
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TuneCore, found online at TuneCore.com, is a company who says their goal is to give artists equal access to digital music distribution and global publishing administration because they belie
CD Baby
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CD Baby, found online at CDBaby.com, is a company who describes themselves as the world's largest online distributor of independent music who promises that when you buy from them, your m
Ditto Music
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Ditto Music, found online at DittoMusic.com, is a company who gives musicians the ability to record and distribute their music while keeping 100% of their sales and all the rights to their c
Vinyl Me, Please
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Vinyl Me, Please, found online at VinylMePlease.com, describes itself as "the best damn record club out there" and gives its members access to monthly shipments of vinyl albums mad
Tidal HiFi
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Tidal HiFi, found online at TidalHiFi.com, is a website that describes itself as the first music streaming service that offers their users the best high fidelity sound quality, high definiti
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FavGame.net is a monthly subscription service which describes themselves as “the leading source for all your online entertainment needs,” including Games, Music, Movies, eBooks,
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Jukely, found online at Jukely.com, is a brand new monthly subscription service which promises their customers the chance to meet and socialize with other local music fans as well as to atte
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123plays, found online at 123plays.com, is a new company that refers to themselves as a “one stop resource” for watching movies, playing games, or listening to music, anytime or
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Musiczum.com is a new website and streaming service which says their goal is to simply bring their customers in the best of entertainment in the music industry, regularly updated. How Doe

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