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Healthy Habits Global
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Healthy Habits Global, found at HealthyHabitsGlobal.com, is a company that says they offer unique health and wellness products, as well as an independent business opportunity that provides i
Stella & Dot
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Stella & Dot says that they design an "irresistible line" of fashion jewelry and accessories that can be purchased exclusively at home parties that they call "Trunk Shows,
Park Lane Jewelry
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Park Lane Jewelry was founded in 1955 and says that they are the world's leading direct sales jewelry party company whose products are available for purchase exclusively at home parties
Premier Designs Jewelry
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Premier Designs Jewelry was founded in 1985 and says that for more than 26 years their main focus is not only on their quality jewelry but also on their high quality service and making custo
Silpada Jewelry
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Silpada Jewelry says they were founded by two stylish mothers who believed the world needed more people who were able to do what they loved, so they began a jewelry company that offered inde
Lia Sophia
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Lia Sophia says that they are a family owned company built on a foundation of "value, style and sisterhood," as well as a "proud history" of providing women with an indep
Cookie Lee
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Cookie Lee says that, for over 23 years since their jewelry company was created, they have provided women with a creative way to earn either a part time or full time income on their own sche
Based on 1 Review

Scentsy is a company that claims their products "warm the heart" and "enliven the senses" with their wide variety of fragrance based items for the home and personal use,
Argent Global Network
Based on 2 Reviews

Argent Global Network is a new company that promises their members a way to earn money online by working with their network of online retailers to post ads each day to promote goods and serv
Jamberry Nails
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Jamberry Nails was launched in 2010 by a group of sisters that wanted to be able to give themselves and their friends a way to have home manicures as interesting and beautiful as those from

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