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Poofy Organics
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Poofy Organics, found online at PoofyOrganics.com, is a company which says that they offer “something for everyone” and that their products are the “most effective and safe
SeneGence International
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Joni Rogers-Kante was a single mother without a job in 1995 when she came up with a company idea. In 1999, she managed to realize this idea of hers and SeneGence has kept growing ever since.
Stampin Up
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Nothing says sincerity more than a handmade gift. No matter the occasion, a handmade craft reflects the genuine love and care put into art by the person who made it. Attention to detail a
New U Life
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You want younger looking skin, more energy, less cellulite...there’s no fountain of youth, and there’s no magical solution to give you these results. Right? Wrong. New U Li
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CBD is a popular treatment for anxiety, weight loss, and other health concerns. If you’ve been looking for relief for one of the many health conditions that CBD oil can treat, you migh
Uforia Science
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Losing weight and knowing what to eat for optimal health is challenging. With hundreds of thousands of weight loss programs and products out there - along with the odd scam here or there-

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