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React Sidekick
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The React Sidekick is a new device that pairs with a mobile application to connect users to their chosen contacts so they can feel safe while running or walking at night or in the early morn
DrinkMate Breathalyzer
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The DrinkMate Breathalyzer is a new, soon to be available product that describes itself as "the smallest breathalyzer in the world" and which can attach to your phone to keep users
Noke Bluetooth Padlock
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The Noke Bluetooth Padlock describes itself as the world's first Bluetooth padlock, which doesn't need to rely on physical keys or combination numbers to keep your personal items saf
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Slidejoy, found online at GetSlidejoy.com, is a new targeted marketing service and mobile application that gives mobile device users the ability to earn money while getting access to new pro
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Poshmark.com is a new company available via website and mobile application that promises to help people connect with others all over the country to buy and sell clothing, anytime they'd
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Fizzly, found online at Fizz.ly and Kickstarter.com, describes themselves as a new product that will provide "superpowers" for your smartphone and iPad, giving you the ability to t
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AppBackr, found online at AppBackr.com, is a company that works with app developers, app investors, and app platforms to create an all in one shop for the creation, promotion, and sales of m
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Foap.com is a new company and mobile application that is changing the stock photo industry by allowing amateur photographers to sell the photos they have taken with their smartphones to larg
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Scoopshot, found online at Scoopshot.com, is a both a company and mobile application that lets amateur photographers make money by selling their photographs to companies, brand names, and pr
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ReceiptHog, found at ReceiptHog.com, is a new mobile application and rewards site which says their goal is to give users a fun and rewarding way to turn their grocery store shopping rec

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