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Natural Cycles App
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The Natural Cycles App, found online at NaturalCycles.com, is currently the only government certified mobile application approved for use of contraceptive and family planning needs. How D
Moolah App
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The Moolah App, found online at JoinMoolah.com, is a new mobile application which promises to give people a way to find and collect any store refunds which may be owed to you due to price dr
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Finery.com is the online home of the Finery Wardrobe App, a new service available from Brooklyn Decker and Whitney Casey which promises people the ability to virtually manage their entire wa
Triggr Health
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Triggr Health, found online at TriggrHealth.com, is a new health and wellness company and mobile application which says they want to help treat addiction by putting “support in the pal
Trim App
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The Trim App, found online at AskTrim.com, is a financial budgetary mobile application which promises people an effortless and convenient way to take control of your finances and improve you
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StartMonday.com is the online home of StartMonday, a company that says their goal is to provide people with a brand new way to make positive first impressions when applying for jobs. 
Rinse App
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Rinse.com is the online home of the Rinse App, a mobile application and service which promises people the ability to get pickup and delivery for their dry cleaning and laundry services. 
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Prynt, found online at Prynt.com, is a company that says their goal is to create products that reimagine how we share digital content in the physical world with their smartphone printer case
Polaroid Zip
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Polaroid Zip, found online at Polaroid.com, is a new version of the instant print Polaroid technology which is designed to print photos from your phone rather than from a camera.  Ho
Motiv Ring
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The Motiv Ring, found online at MyMotiv.com, says that they have moved beyond a “step tracker” to being a full service fitness tracker that tracks fitness, heart rate, and sleep

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