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Declutter App
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The Decluttr App, found online at Decluttr.com, is a mobile application and website that describes themselves as the easiest way to sell your unwanted CDs, DVDs, Games, Blu-Rays, Books, LEGO
Gift Wallet
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Gift Wallet, found online at Wallet.gift, is a new mobile application that provides their customers with a way to make money online by completing tasks and activities in exchange for rewards
Based on 5 Reviews

Earny.co, found online at Earny.co.co, is a new mobile application which promises to give people a way to find and collect any store refunds which may be owed to you due to price drop polici
Based on 3 Reviews

Shoptagr, found online at Shoptagr.com, is a new website and mobile application that describes themselves as “your smart shopping assistant” who makes sure that you will never mi
Clarity Money App
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Clarity Money is an app that uses artificial intelligence to analyze your earnings and spending to give you good financial advice and help you manage your personal finances better. It was
Qoins App
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The Qoins App, found online at Qoins.io, is a new mobile application which describes themselves as providing people with a way to get “freedom from debt, faster than ever.” Ho
Based on 3 Reviews

ApartmentList.com is the online home of ApartmentList, a website and mobile application which says that their goal is to help make your apartment search as convenient as possible.  H
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DreamCheaper.com is the online home of DreamCheaper, a company which says their goal is to help people get the best prices on hotel rooms by alerting them whenever the price has dropped and
Wela App
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The Wela App, found online at GetWela.com, is a new financial planning and investment application which says that they are using real advisors and artificial intelligence to create the perfe
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The Taxify app, found online at Taxify.eu, is a new mobile application who says that their goal is to make booking taxis without a phone call easy and convenient.  How Does It Work?

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