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Mint.com is the online home of Mint, a budgeting program and mobile application available from Intuit that promises to give people “the entire picture” when it comes to their fin
Panel App
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I had this app for several years. Someone hacked my account and took $60 worth of points. They were restored only for someone to steal them again a week later. That was 8/1. I have conta
Ibotta App
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The Ibotta app is a new application available for both iOS and Android which they describe as a “fun and easy way to earn $20 or more each time you go shopping,” and puts a twist
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Viggle is a downloadable app which promises to “make TV more rewarding” by giving people the ability to earn points which they can exchange into rewards just by watching their fa
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Its been ten weeks and we still haven't seen a single movie. It's a horrible service with no support. When we try to reserve s movie it says our cards are not activated. There i
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Shopkick is a mobile app which claims to make your shopping experience even better by giving their customers the ability to earn points that they can then place toward rewards offered by
The Tile App
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TheTileApp works by locating items that have a Tile inside of, or affixed to, it. The art of multi-tasking has consumed our lives is now accompanied with the popular trend of misplacing our
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Flint is an iPhone and iPad app that is only available in the US, most of its features and functions can be accessed from your phone at anytime from anywhere. The website, Flint.com, explain
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Uber.com is a popular mobile app which allows people in various metropolitan areas across the US and eighteen other countries to request a wide variety of rides and pay for them from their p
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OnlyCoin.com is the website home for Coin, a new product which is intended to simplify, improve, and fit products seamlessly into your life, in this case, all the cards with magnetic strips