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MatchRate Plus
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MatchRate PLUS is a company that sells merchant services for the main provider, North American Bancard. A merchant servicer is a company that provides companies with credit card processin
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MerchantCircle.com, home of Merchant Circle, is a website which claims to be the largest online network of local business owners in the nation, with the purpose of connecting busy consume
Square Card Reader
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Keeping a business profitable nowadays requires a bit more mobility and flexibility to accommodate customers. Being able to make a sale when you are not at your location of business, incr
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An online marketing platform, called Reply.com, can be used to generate leads for your business and increase sales. This is an alternative to more expensive marketing tactics; it is most
Intuit GoPayment
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Trying to run a successful business typically requires traveling outside of the company’s physical location. The convenience of bringing your business on the road with you is made p
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Deluxe.com is your source for services and products you need to promote your business. Deluxe started out as a company that solely provided consumers with personalized checks and a check
This is a small company specialising in retail training. If you have a retail company and some of your branches are not performing as well as they should, it could be down to poor customer
Spark Pay
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Spark Pay, available from Spark Business and Capital One, describes itself as a complete service that helps small businesses track sales, manage inventory, and provide mobile payment on the
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Certegy, found online at AskCertegy.com, is a company that has been in business for more than 45 years providing check authorization and cashing services, as well as newly acquired cash acce
Merchant Careers
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Merchant Careers, found online at MerchantCareers.com, says that their goal is to “empower the merchant salesforce of tomorrow” with their industry leading training programs and

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