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Dollar Shave Club
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Dollar Shave Club is a monthly membership club which allows its users to choose their choice of shave equipment that will be shipped to them each month for a flat, affordable fee. This co
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BrainBuys.com has trivia competitions exclusively for members to lower retail pricing for both tangible and intangible items. Each day new contests with different items are provided inclu
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NatureBox, found online at NatureBox.com, is a company which offers a monthly subscription service that provides their members with a wide selection of new and healthy snacks to try. Mont
Trunk Club
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Trunk Club, found online at TrunkClub.com, is a website dedicated to helping men discover “awesome” brand name and designer clothes that are perfect for them without ever having
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PawBox, found online at PawBox.com, is a new monthly boxed sample service available for pet owners who are looking for a way to try out new and different products for their pets, without com
Blue Apron
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Blue Apron, found online at BlueApron.com, is a company which says they can provide members with “a better way to cook,” by providing them with a new grocery delivery system that
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Zulily.com describes themselves as a shopping destination for mothers which will offer new sales and deals every day on boutique items which are priced at an average of 50% off. Membe
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Ellie.com is a website that is both a members' only boutique as well as a place where women who are not members can go to find modern, high quality, and fashionable work out clothes.
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Fabletics.com is a website co-owned and operated by actress Kate Hudson that promises to provide members each month with a selection of workout outfits selected just for them based on their
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FabKids.com is a website promoted by actress Cristina Applegate that promises to provide moms with an easy and affordable way to find stylish, individualized outfits for their kids. How D

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