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Yext, found online at Yext.com, is a geomarketing company that works with both small businesses and large corporations to provide them with marketing solutions through their specialized GeoM
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Prétend to be Google my Business. Charge à 1 Time fee of 99$ to reopen your account and etc. But when I received my email, it was a payment every month of 99$. They are really well organ
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This is a scam website, make no mistake about it. I paid $2,000 for a million Australian, Japan and Singapore fax lists. They sent the list alright but all were just junk made up of numbers
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LandLeader.com is the online home of LandLeader, a company founded in 2014 that describes themselves as "the largest quality rural real estate marketing group" functioning in the U
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Slidejoy, found online at GetSlidejoy.com, is a new targeted marketing service and mobile application that gives mobile device users the ability to earn money while getting access to new pro
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Eventbrite.com is a new website who says that their goal is to bring people together by helping them discover more of what they love, getting out into the community, and meeting like minded
Public Reputation
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Public Reputation is a company who says their goal is to help businesses "open a productive channel of communication" between themselves and their customers, so they can improve th
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ThriveHive, found online at ThriveHive.com, describes themselves as “the guided marketing solution that empowers small business owners to grow their business through better marketing.&
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Working with FreshMail was easy from the beginning. I’d like how intuitive it is to set up the campaign and analyse the results. However, some more advanced options are a little bit compli
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PrimoPrint.com is the online home of PrimoPrint, a company that was founded in 2006 with the goal of delivering high quality on-line printing services, using state of the art production faci

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