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Pimsleur Approach
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The Pimsleur Approach (PimsleurApproach.com) is a foreign language course that promises to teach you the basics of your chosen language within 10 days using proven methods created by Dr.
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I'd like to say - thanks, first of all. The teacher are aware of and well-read. But there are a little nounces nonetheless - I didn't study to write competently and beautifully and
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Livemocha is a web-based program and worldwide social networking community used to learn different languages; in fact, they have over 35 languages available. The membership to Livemocha i
Rosetta Stone
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Rosetta Stone was introduced in 1992 by a company called Fairfield Language Technologies.  This language-learning program continues to draw in consumers and has been successful since
Instant Immersion
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Learning a language doesn't have to be boring and doesn’t have to be complicated or confusing. Using the Instant Immersion language learning system you are afforded with a varie
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DuoLingo.com is a free language learning web-based computer program, the lessons are also integrated with a game-like component to offer a challenge to its users. DuoLingo.com offers less
Looney Tunes Phonics is an animated interactive educational program that makes learning fun for kids as young as three and for adults who are learning a second language. Students with lea
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Memrise is a new company that wants to help people of all ages and backgrounds have a way to learn new things, at their own pace, using scientifically backed methods, all completely for free
Anki Flashcards
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Anki Flashcards is a software that promises to help people learn in a way that is far more efficient than traditional studying and promises to help you learn more, in less time, and complete
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Yabla, found online at Yabla.com, is a website that offers users the ability to learn new languages through the use of videos and other multimedia technology to give non-native speakers an e

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