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In order for the body to absorb nutrients from food, the stomach has to break it down past the cellular level. Food extractors are used to break down food into a “pre-digested&rdquo
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Orgreenic ceramic cookware is handy in the kitchen for cooking over the stove. These products feature a non-stick cooking surface and a unique ergonomic handle. When cooking on the stove,
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This company has been around for decades and used to be one of the best..It has obviously gone to the dogs. they have great prices, but you get what you pay for. We bought an mini-split AC u
Cafe Cup
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I am in love with it after one use only. Really recommended. Thumps up!
Ninja Cooking System
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The Ninja Cooking System is a one pot meal system, which claims to be a professional cooking system for your kitchen, cooking meals up to 50% faster, baking with 50% less fat, and a “N
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The Vitamix company says they offer blenders that act as all in one prep systems, with such professional power, precision, and durability that they are used in restaurants and homes all o
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EverythingKitchens.com is a website which specializes in anything you would need for your kitchen and cooking needs, including bake ware, cutlery, appliances, barware and glassware, and m
Mr. Lid
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Mr. Lid, found online at MrLid.com, is a Made for TV product which claims that they can help people with one of the most common and frustrating issues in kitchen storage: losing storage c
Sharper Image Super Wave Oven
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The Sharper Image Super Wave Oven is a new, portable kitchen appliance which claims that it uses new technology to cook your food faster, healthier, and in a more energy efficient manner tha
Jason Vale Fusion Juicer
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FusionJuicer.com is the Fusion Juicer main website; this household item is not a blender, it is used solely to extract juice from vegetables and fruits. With this juicer it is easy to inc

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