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FreedomSoft is new software meant to help anyone – including those without experience – make money investing in real estate.  FreedomSoft claims to put all the resources you
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VectorVest (www.VectorVest.com) founded by Dr. Bart DiLiddo is a stock analysis and portfolio management system.  The software is capable of  sorting, analyzing, and ranking over 1
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I love this software, it has enabled me to stay home and trade my accounts for 15 years. the beauty is in the simplicity. I use other tools and trading rooms, but the software is a major f
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Optionetics is a seminar based financial training course founded by George Fontanills. They offer free, nationwide, seminars in which Optionetics’ reps entice prospective traders wi
Personal Capital
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PersonalCapital.com is the online home of Personal Capital, a company that says customers can use their free software in order to simplify their financial life as well as advice that will he
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DO NOT Subscribe to it, you can get almost all of what is available free. I subscribed it for one year for the "standard" subscription. Today I saw a charge of $39 in my credit ca
Acorns Investment App
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Acorns Investment App, found online at Acorns.com, is a new mobile application which says that it gives people the ability to invest their “spare change” with almost no time or e
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Has anyone also been able to recover lost money from Inside Option? I have recovered mine.
UFX Trading
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UFX Trading, found online at UFXTrading.com, is a new online trading platform which promises to help people trade whenever they want with the understanding they need to confidently make thei
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Ellevest.com is the online home of Ellevest, an investment company that says they were designed specifically to help women meet and exceed their financial goals, no matter what stage of life