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FreedomPop.com offers consumers free internet and phone services. They have set monthly data plans and plenty of add-on services to meet the everyday needs of their users. Best of all, wi
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CenturyLink, found online at CenturyLink.com, describes themselves as a leading provider of Internet, TV, Voice, and Security services whose goal is to make these things more affordable and
Exede Internet
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Exede Internet, found online at Exede.com, is a new brand of satellite internet from creators ViaSat, which says they are the most powerful satellite based communications network in the whol
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HughesNet, found online at HughesNet.com, is a company that describes themselves as one of the oldest and one of the largest consumer satellite internet network currently operating in all of
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Fon, found online at Fon.com, is a European based company that has created a global WiFi system "built by people like you," which has created a way to let their members have access
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Kidokey, found online at Kidokey.com, is a new product for parents’ and children which promises to give your kids the ability to explore the internet safely and without distraction.
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SurfEasy, found online at SurfEasy.com, is a company that promises their customers the ability to “unblock the internet” and secure your computer, smartphone, or tablet so that i
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KoalaSafe, found online at KoalaSafe.com, is a new internet security product made to give parents more control over their child’s internet use so they are better protected when doing a
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ThirdParent, found online at ThirdParent.com, is a new internet security program designed to help parents protect their child through a unique internet auditing system, rather than software
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ZenMate.com is the online home of ZenMate, a virtual private network provider which describes themselves as “the easiest way to stay secure and private online while accessing the conte

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