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JobSense.com calls themselves the “premier destination for career related information, advice, questions, answers and tips,” and is not a traditional job finder site but rathe
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Thumbtack.com is a website which connects community members to their local service providers, with a goal of providing a place where consumers can find the best quality provider at the be
Square to Square Method
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The Square to Square Method is a “do it yourself” golf training program designed by 12 time PGA winner Doug Tewell who says that his golf swing method not only reduces the ris
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YouBeauty.com is a lifestyle website created by well known doctors Mehmet Oz and Michael Roizen, who founded the website in 2011 to help people realize their full potential for beauty, bo
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QualityHealth.com is an informational website for people who are interested or curious in finding articles, tips, and advice regarding a variety of health issues, including medical condit
Garden of Life
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GardenOfLife.com is the online home of Garden of Life, a health and wellness company that believes extraordinary health is a goal worth pursuing for you and your family, and you can use t
The People's Chemist
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The People’s Chemist, found online at ThePeoplesChemist.com, is a website created by Shane Ellison for people who want to “stop wasting time with alternative medicine cranks a
Alpha Male Tribe
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AlphaMaleTribe.com is the online home of Alpha Male Tribe, a blog which claims that their goal is to build a "community of alpha males" based on performance in areas like health, f
The Patriot Privacy Kit
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The Patriot Privacy Kit is an eBook that is available to download from their parent website, PatriotPrivacy.com, a website that says it is dedicated to all things regarding your privacy and
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MyDailyMoment.com is a website which tells their members and visitors that "when you only have a moment, MyDailyMoment.com will inform, inspire, and entertain you," on a wide varie

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