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CompareCards.com is a website that was established in 2004 to help consumers find not only available credit cards, but the right credit card for them based on different types of criteria.
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Used this site to report fake review of a lawyer and it worked. So there is not check for legitimacy. I will continue to write fake reviews and prove the point. Ed Magedson (Maggotson) is th
Stack Exchange
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Stack Exchange describes itself as a network of individual communities dedicated to serving experts in a specific field by giving them a forum in which to ask and answer questions. Th
Revolution Golf
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Revolution Golf is a website, found online at RevolutionGolf.com, which describes itself as the Number One online golf learning center in the entire world, with more than 60,000 video vie
Graves Golf Academy
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Graves Golf Academy, located at MoeNormanGolf.com, is an online golf training academy which focuses its training and lessons on the unusual and specific style of past golf champion, Moe N
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WizPert is an online service connecting those who seek information and advice directly to experts who can help them or guide them to the appropriate source. Instead of searching the web,
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Automotive.com is a website whose motto is “Cars, Simplified” and who says their goal is to provide new and used car buyers with the information and tools they need to make an
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BestAutoInsurance.com says that their goal is to help people in the United States find the most affordable and complete auto insurance available to you, as well as provide you with the in
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CarGurus.com is a website who says that their goal is to make online car shopping more transparent by giving consumers access to a free shopping engine which instantly analyzes millions o
Environmental Working Group
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Appears well researched and documented advice about everyday products we use and need, such as sunburn protection.

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