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Goop.com is the online home of Goop, a lifestyle brand and website created by celebrity Gwyneth Paltrow with the goal of spotlighting “the very best experiences, recipes, products, and
The Hustle Email
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The Hustle Email, found online at TheHustle.co, is a new media company and operation that says they want to provide with the day’s newest and most important information in a fun and en
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DepositAccounts.com is a website that promises to give people the unbiased information they need regarding the banks and credit unions they use for day-to-day finance as well as longer term
Product Hunt
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ProductHunt.com is the online home of Product Hunt, a company that says their goal is to help people “discover their next favorite thing” by working with their community to find
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Influenster.com is the online home of Influenster, a website that describes themselves as a community of more than four million “social savvy shoppers” that will provide their au
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CashUnclaimed.com claims that 9 out of 10 Americans are walking around not knowing that they have money owed to them.  They estimate that there are currently millions of dollars in cash
Easy Health Digest
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EasyHealthOptions.com is the online home of Easy Health Digest, a company that says they have found the easiest way to improve heart health by flushing dangerous plaque from your arteries, s
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Gaia.com is a source of conscious media that claims to be there to help anyone who strives to expand their consciousness and look deeper into themselves and their purpose on this planet.
Futurist Speaker
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Ephiphany Z is a book written by a futurist describing the possible… you guessed it; future... Okay, okay it also lays the ground work on how to go from Epiphany to finished product in the

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