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Inirv React
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The Inirv React is a new product being crowdfunding on Kickstarter.com that promises to make your home smarter and safer by providing you with the smartest available device intended to alert
The iKeyp Electromagnetic Smart Safe, found online at Indiegogo.com, is a new personal security product which has been designed for people who want to keep their personal items safe and soun
LuDela Candles
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LuDela Candles, found online at LuDela.com, is a new type of “smart candle” which promises that they will be the world’s safest candle that still uses a real, and not elect
TOOR Lockbox
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The TOOR Lockbox, found online at TOOR.today, is a new type of lockbox which says their goal is to let people manage their lockbox remotely while still being safe and making you money. 
Locksmith Pros
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Locksmith Pros, found online at LocksmithPros.com, is a company that promises to provide their customers with local locksmith services on-demand whether your needs are auto, home, or commerc
Brinno Digital Peephole
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The Brinno Digital Peephole, found online at Brinno.com, is a new home security product that acts as a front door camera that is hidden, so you can see anyone who comes to your home without
Ring Floodlight Cam
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The Ring Floodlight Cam, found online at Ring.com, describes themselves as the world’s only motion-activated HD security camera with built-in floodlights, a siren alarm, and two-way ta
Tactical X Flashlight
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The Tactical X Flashlight, found online at TacticalXFlashlight.com, is a new product that describes itself as a tactical flashlight with military grade strength that can be used as an import
SafeSound Alarm
Based on 7 Reviews

SafeSound Alarm, found online at SafeSoundPersonalAlarm.com, is a new type of personal safety alarm which claims to be responsible for saving “millions of lives.” How Does It
Cove Security
Based on 2 Reviews

Looking for a new DIY home security system? If so, Cove Security might be the one for you. There are thousands of other home security systems out there, but most of these are not only costly

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